We are located in northeastern Wyoming at the base of the Big Horn Mountains and hold exclusive rights to 65,000 acres of rugged country filled with beautiful game. All of our hunting trips, whether they be deer or antelope, promise to be an unforgettable experience. Our hunts are mostly spot and stock, accessed by foot and four-wheel drive vehicles. Typically, we hunt areas with draws and high plains. With over 30 years of hunting experience in and around the Big Horn Mountains, you'll start with the best, your hosts Tim and Susan Moyes (License #120).

SCHEDULE EARLY! Wyoming licenses are obtained by draw, so it's important to book your hunts early. We only book 20-24 Deer and Antelope hunts per season. This is done to maintain our mature animal size and provide personal, skilled attention to each hunter.

ACCOMMODATIONS: During your hunt with us, full accommodations are provided at Folded Hills Ranch. This includes a refreshing night's rest in our newly constructed cabins, which are equipped with all of today's modern necessities to ensure comfort and relaxation. The lodge provides not only your freshly prepared meals, but it's also a great place to gather, rehash the day's hunt, or just sit back and enjoy the peacefulness of this country life.

Please contact us to inquire about the type of hunt we can provide for you or your group.